Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Oh The People You Meet

I've been pretty stinking busy out here this week. We taught 69 lessons. So basically all day everyday we teach lessons. We keep meeting incredible people and the experiences that I'm having are unreal! I'm starting to feel like I'm in the groove. I really know what I'm doing and everything is starting to fall into place! I don't know about you but time sure does fly by! I've been studying the new testament and plan on finishing 'The life and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles' a new testament study manual in a couple months.
The ward here is incredible!! I could seriously take an hour to write about everyone down here. The diversity is incredible!

First - Our New Friends


Enda is from St. Lucia. She's progressing towards baptism soo quickly! She loves the gospel and has had so many things opened up to her since she's been reading! The other night we invited her to come to church with us and she said "I will be there If I have to drag my daughter out the door and walk." Well last night we walked with Kaitlyn and Enda to the church for her first time and talked about faith. Enda was worried that she didn't have enough faith and we just showed her that she let two strangers into her house and now she's with us at a church she's never been too, all because she wants to be happy. That takes a bit more than a mustard seed of faith.


Luz is our new investigator who is incredible! Her family speaks Spanglish and shes got an adorable son and daughter who have taken quite the shine to Elder Street. Aaron (her three year old) talks to me for literally ever in half English half Spanish the result is that I understand nothing but just say "yes" and look when he shouts "Look!!" We met them like two days ago, and they already call us the "boys"

Now - The Members

Jake Yewles :

Jake is an 18 year old who comes out with us almost twice a week! He's been around for a ton of miracles and everytime he has a great time! He's super involved and gives us all the advice in the world to try and help find more people to teach. This week it was go to his college campus. We taught two people in 5 minutes then were promptly asked to leave by the school dean and a security guard.

Brother Harrington:

A member of our ward, Brother Harrington, use to be a Catholic Priest. He studied for years and years and years and I believe that he has over three individual doctorates one in theology!! (He was converted because of a hymn that the missionaries sang on his front porch.) Literally the coolest story ever!!

Brother and Sister Cottam :

Brother Cottam has the greatest family ever! Brother Cottam is known for the greatest one liners I have ever heard. We quote him constantly "you think about that!" Sister Cottam is known for being a literal food savior. She has hungry missionary senses and has come through with food twice when we've been starving! They have an adorable family and are all trilingual!

Bishop Hopkins: 

The Bishop in our ward is so unbelievably dedicated to missionary work! It's incredible! Literally every time we see him he's got more information or people for us! He loves the people of this area so much, members and non-members alike!

The Ward is incredible and everyone has such a wonderful spirit about them!

God Bless all of you!
Love Elder Street

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