Monday, February 15, 2016

My Last Night at the MTC

Hello! I'm getting all of my clothes washed and I'm getting ready for my 3:30 am flight to ATL, then to Tampa. I have no idea what's going to happen once I get there. I'm getting kinda nervous.

This week was interesting. An Elder who is a 20-year-old police officer from Georgia was here for like 36 hours before he decided that the mission was not for him. He was one of the most friendly people I have ever met and I'm not sure why he was in and out so quickly. It was honestly kinda hard. I felt like he was a great kid and really prepared for his mission, but it just wasn't for him, I guess. Its been kinda hard since he left on Friday because it kinda has made it dawn on me that this will be very difficult. And the amount of time I will be gone is starting to freak me out. 

Yesterday I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting and the MTC  Mission President( President Burgess) was randomly in our chapel and on the stand (HUGE NAME DOWN HERE). So, I had to give an 8 minute talk with one of the higher ups in the church sitting approximately 5 feet from me. I stood up and welcomed him and his wife and heard my branch leader (Brother Morris) lean over and tell President Burgess that I would be getting a hair cut that evening. I was actually super intimidated. So I cracked a joke and told the MTC Mission President that it wasn't my fault and my hair was very disobedient to the rules. 

I gave a talk that wrote itself while I was giving it. I received some compliments and it seemed that everyone had forgotten about my hair. Everyone, that is, except Brother Morris. Brother Morris showed up last night at 9:30 with clippers. Brother Morris is ex-military and knows exactly one haircut. So I am now nicknamed jar-head and I got plenty of laughs from my zone this afternoon.

Its unreal how much I've learned in the days that I've been here. I basically led a class yesterday on the new testament and old testament. It's becoming one of my strong suites and I plan on teaching from it as much, if not more, than from the Book of Mormon.

I seriously have loved my district so much! All of the Sisters and Elders have had a serious impact on my life, and I can already tell that this will be one of the pivotal moments in my life!  

I miss all of you so much and I teared up when I got the Valentines present from the boys. It meant so much! Also I read Mom's letter in the front of the Carpe Diem book almost daily when I'm feeling down and losing site of my purpose. I think about all of you on Sundays when I'm in meetings until literally 9pm. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! 

I need emails from people! I have no one's email and would love to write personal letters back to people who have sent me mail! Please send me email addresses for all our friends and family! 

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