Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jeremy's First Letter from the MTC

Thursday, February 4th
Hello Everyone!
I am alive and well! Well, I'm alive.......
I picked up Holden's flu, and dads cough. I spent today in the sick bay studying the scriptures! They took good care of me.
My Companion, Elder Swapp, went on a split with elder Cason and Elder Smith. Elder Swapp is from Cedar City and a great kid! Elder Smith is from Alaska and literally Gibson's exact twin. Elder Cason is from Everette, Washington and a stud! 

Today was awful! I was so sick! But seriously - I cried for an hour while talking to my Branch Presidency. I was so touched because even though I was sick and feeling awful I felt this glow about me and seriously could not stop smiling! The MTC is HARD!! But I'm fitting in well.

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