Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fear not, little flock (Luke 12:32)

This scripture is incredible! It makes me laugh so hard but at the same time its so comforting. I just imagine Jesus walking up to a cute little sheep who is terrified and just calming him down, picking him up and putting him around his shoulders. The sheep, in this instance, would be Elder Street.

This week I spent a lot time in my bed trying to slumber (sleep has been hard to come by). I was unable to do so, but the idea was so nice! Hopefully the cocktail of Herbal medicines that I've been taking will kick in and put me to sleep!

I've been running into a lot of dogs out here on the mission and this week and last week I fell in Love! Last week was my best friend Max (the German Shepherd). This week was an adorable husky puppy who was tuckered out and fell asleep at the park.

I was so jealous of this little Husky puppy! He was just having the time of his life, then he got to sleep! 

I'm running out of time super quick because I was writing back to all of the people that have been reaching out to me this week! Thank you all for everything that you do! This next week I'll write more! This week I'm going to try bass fishing, so wish me Luck!

Love Elder Street

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