Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Till We Meet Again...

This letter is from Monday, April 18th.

Hellooooo Everyone! I really enjoy receiving your letters each week! 

I've been incredibly blessed to meet some of the most genuine people that I have ever come in contact with on my Mission. I have been working with the Spanish Branch down here located in the same building as our English ward. They have such a strong desire to have missionaries to help bring people to church. but they are stuck with English Elders. So we go out with Amoldovar who the Ward Mission Leader of the Spanish Branch twice a week. Amoldovar speaks ONLY Spanish so its pretty funny trying to teach with him! We go to families homes and he sorta just goes off and talks in Spanish forever. We have to have the investigators translate portions back to us so we can show him where we want him to read from next. We sang I am a child of God the other day in Spanish and it was an incredible experience!I Truly love the Spanish culture!

Yesterday we went to a BBQ at Luz and Eddie's (Spanish investigators) house and made the greatest tacos that I have ever eaten! It was incredible! We sat and listened to stories about their family growing up and I felt like I was listening to our family's life story. They are all crazy! They have huge families and they all love each other. They try to get together often and it turns into a hectic family get together.

In my last couple of letters, I told you that I am having trouble sleeping. It isn't getting any better, but I've been trying to cope.  I've tried everything that I'm allowed to do to get my mind to shut off and it just isn't happening. Night after night I lie awake. 

This afternoon I got a call that I didn't want to get. I learned that I am being sent home on medical leave. The Church Medical Offices have decided that a Missionary who hasn't slept for more than an hour at a time for several weeks isn't in a healthy spot. They want me to come home and see a doctor. My Mission President has arranged for me to continue my Mission serving part-time at the MTC in Provo while I get my sleep problems fixed. When I get back to a healthy sleep pattern, I can return to the Florida Tampa Mission. I want more than anything to continue my Mission serving the people of Central Florida. I love everyone here, and I'll be back.

May God Bless and Keep You,
Elder Street

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