Sunday, April 10, 2016

To paraphrase Dumbledore: "One doesn't need to sit in the dark, but simply they can turn on the light." or something along those lines.

I sure do miss you! I've been having a pretty rough week with sleep and I seem to wake up at night and the first few thoughts that come to my mind are the family, followed by my intense desire to buy a German Sheppard puppy! I met a family here that is raising a German and he's seriously the cutest thing ever! Every time I see him I run over and bear hug him! He puts sunshine in my days!

I had an amazing weekend with General Conference. I put a lot more effort in to it than I have in the past and I really tried to see how the message would affect my life. I wrote down very specific questions and feelings that I had been having. And watched with an earnest desire to learn and grow. I felt like the messages that I received, the insight that was given, and the spiritual promptings were like nothing I've ever experienced! It gave me chills. There were times when I cried and times when I wept! and people around me were like "are you okay?" I can't believe that I could have such a personal relationship with someone I've never seen. If I've learned anything about this experience thus far, its that you can truly tap into the spiritual power that is all around us. 
To paraphrase Dumbledore: "One doesn't need to sit in the dark, but simply they can turn on the light." or something along those lines.

There have been a couple of times this last week when movie quotes that I don't fully remember have been coming to my mind. For instance in Forest Gump when he's walking through Vietnam for days and its constantly raining. That's me all day long! I sit under my umbrella and wonder if it will ever stop raining! Well it does. Then it gets hot. Then I wish that It would rain.

I've continued to meet so many amazing people this week and im still writing them down! I'm so excited to share these experiences with you! I couldn't even scratch the surface with my writing on how interesting some of these people are!

Thank you so much for keeping me up to date on the Family! I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! Tell Josh when you see him that I want to make an April trip to the Geode beds when I get home! Tell everyone that I love them and that I'm thinking about them always!

Love Elder Street 

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